Sunday’s used to be a day of lazing around, sleeping in, and doing fun things. Now Sunday is the start of the working week. And not just the start of the week, a 5.30am wake up to the week.

I’ve never been known (btw, Kiwi’s pronounce this as ‘knowen’) as a morning person, but waking up at 5.30am, and thinking about what people are doing in the UK (2.30am) – probably sleeping or still out partying. And it hurts.

On the upside, home time is 2pm, and there’s no mucking around. Everyone is ready to go for about the last hour of work, standing by the door at 1.55, and not a soul is left on the grounds except security by 2.05pm.

Then I get home, and realise that actually, people are still potentially at home sleeping, enjoying brunch, or recovering from the night before.

But you know what, Friday morning I get to do nothing. Absolutely nothing as nothing opens until at least midday.

Thursday is my Friday. Sunday is my Monday. I’ll get used to it.

But I’m not sure 5.30am will ever stop hurting.