A while back we stumbled across the video “Should I bring him soup?”. This quickly became a phrase used between a few of us to reflect either when someone was being crazy about a boy/girl, but moreso when one of us was genuinely ill.

This weekend I was meant to spend at a work conference in Dubai, but, while my visa and passport had been returned, my exit permit was not approved in time (you need an exit permit to enable you to leave Qatar, in addition to your passport & visa).

It turns out it was a lucky chain of events as I’ve trapped myself in my hotel room these past few days with the New Country Lurgy. My chesty cough, hot/cold fever, and general weakness left me feeling sick enough to relocate to Bed Island.

Lying here, all that time, I pondered – with my Do Not Disturb sign on, and the door locked, how long would it take someone to find me?

Oh, fine, I’m being morbid, but seriously, if anything had happened how long would it take for people to check on me? Everyone from work is away, so only hubby might notice when I suddenly go silent.

I currently have no hubby present, no back up boyfriend, and know but a few people here. I don’t currently have a network, no one to really turn to if in trouble on a personal front.

My point:

Everyone needs someone who will bring them soup.