I live in a desert.

I live in a desert, but you probably wouldn’t know it.

There is greenery, trees, grass and birds. It’s currently about the same temperature as summer at home, and it rarely rains here. While you ponder how the grass is still green you feel a light dusting of water. The sprinklers are on.

West Bay is one of most fake areas. It’s so brand spanking new, buildings are still going up, footpaths stop midway, and the architecture is astounding. This area barely existed 10 years ago. Now it’s full of people from all over, mostly heading towards the City Center shopping mall.

Malls didn’t exist here previously. Rumour has it that prior to shopping malls, people used to go to the doctor to ‘hang out’ in the air conditioning, as there was no where else to go in summer. Now you can conduct your shopping in air conditioned comfort.

The local population is actually tiny, with far more international workers than locals. I am probably exposed to a much higher percentage of Qataris because of my workplace. And locals don’t live in West Bay.

I need to get out of here. I need to go beyond the façade.

Come on Qatar, show me the real you!