Last week I was beginning to get excited at the prospect of actually seeing my husband. We’ve been married two months now, and have spent less than half of that time actually together. Unfortunately my excitement was premature, and his arrival has been delayed due to visa issues. You see, you have to get used to these sorts of things – in general life is pretty relaxed, you won’t get answers until the last minute, and then suddenly things are rushed through.

An example is eating out, they are slow to serve you, but even slower to bring you the bill. Your waiter won’t dare to come over and ask if you’d like anything else, nor will they rush you out. It’s actually quite nice for a lazy weekend lunch, but sometimes you just wish they’d hurry or let you order another drink.

The exception is driving. If you don’t move as soon as that light turns green, you’ll know about it! Drivers here are not shy to toot, race along, and change lanes at will. Most roads are a minimum speed of 80km/h, with many at 100km/h. And let me tell you, it’s pretty scary racing along at 100km and seeing a queue of traffic stopped ahead of you!

Yesterday I committed to living a year in a building in West Bay, an expensive shiny new part of Doha. I opted for ease and availability rather than trying to save a couple of thousand riyals. And to be honest, options were pretty limited! I move in this Thursday, and am pretty excited to unpack and use a washing machine (washing your knickers in the kitchen sink gets tiring after a while!).

Coincidentally, Thursday [also known as as the commercial day called ‘Valentines’] is when hubby is meant to arrive, so he gets to move straight into our ready-made living quarters without suffering through a month of hotel living and apartment hunting. Lucky thing.

Hilarious updates to follow on my experiences living with my husband for the first time. Yes yes, comedy gold is about to happen!

But for now, time to partake in a Doha past time – a dinner party with colleagues.