I’m bored.

Work has not yet kicked into gear, and sitting on our hands while decisions are being made is  difficult. I can at least connect to the office WiFi with my personal tablet, but many websites are blocked (in fact, the whole “social networking” category!). Doing nothing is exhausting.

Then I pootle home to my apartment. It’s dark and cool, and combined with the early morning wake up, it makes me sleepy. Hubby usually arrives a couple of hours later, and I spend that time attempting to stave off sleep, sometimes unsuccessfully.

We’ve so easily and quickly slipped into the hum-drum of daily life in Doha. Hubby describes our yawn-worthy routine here. I have hobbies that I have packed up and brought over. Calligraphy ink sitting unopened, my camera missing daily use, my ukulele requiring a complete tune-up, and my boxing gloves wishing they were punching something. The gym is downstairs, swimming pools are in the same building. Yet I lack the motivation to actually do anything.

I’m Boring

I will leave you with the words of The Mint Chicks – You’re Bored Because You’re Boring

If you're bored, probably being boring