Numbers excite me, I’m not going to lie. Watching the graph displaying how many visitors and how many views I’ve had on my various posts is even more exciting. Then reading the details of how you all ended up here… well, some of that is just plain entertaining.

So, hello to my readers from far reaches of the globe, to the one reader who stumbled over my blog from Martinique (yes, I had to google it too!). To my friends, family and others from the UK and New Zealand. And to people I may or may not know in North America, the Middle East, and across Asia.

Kia ora to readers who have followed my Twitter or Facebook links, and especially to those who were looking for something different. To Kiwis looking for jobs in Doha (keep looking and don’t give up!) and to those of you who hoped to find something on homosexuality or love or both.

The numbers of you are small, but encourage me nonetheless. Hubby won’t let me check his blog stats as he believes it would only encourage me and spur me on further. Frankly, I think he’s just scared of losing.

TAIT: Thank Allah It’s Thursday. I’m off to enjoy my weekend, stare at some more numbers, and plot a graph or two, safe in the knowledge my true geekdom has been exposed.