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One million Kiwis are missing from New Zealand. Last year I was in the UK, now in Qatar. For birds without wings we manage to get around just fine (that’s what planes are for!), and we’re keen explorers, experiencing the world.

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I have just returned from New Zealand where I spent most of my time in typical Kiwi attire, shorts and t-shirts (not jandals though, I’m not that Kiwi). When we jumped off the plane in Doha we’d noted things had hotted up, and that was at 6am. After a nap back in our air conditioned apartment we got ready to venture out.

Hubby: “Why are you wearing jeans?”
Me:        “What else should I be wearing?”
Hubby: “But it’s hot out, why aren’t you wearing shorts?”
Me:        “They don’t cover my knees”
Hubby: “Oh…”

In that moment was the realisation that our trip to New Zealand was the last time he’d see my pasty white pins in the light of day.

Thus leads me to my clothing conundrum. I packed my life into a suitcase and moved continents (again), and now most of what I packed is inappropriate. Tops may expose too much shoulder or arm. Skirts do not cover my knees. A v-neck may be a little too risqué. That fitted top or dress is too tight. Layering doesn’t work because you melt in the heat, and the heat is yet to come. Who knew I dressed so scandalously?

I’d describe my clothing style as ‘lazy’. I hate shopping, throw outfits together from the ‘what’s clean and doesn’t require ironing’ pile, and prefer to wear flat shoes to enhance my ability to walk while demonstrating a key attribute, my lack of height.

But what’s a girl to do when she doesn’t want to offend? I have cardigans and scarves to utilise when need be, but they just add extra bulk that you don’t require when even the gentle sea breeze is hot.

So I went shopping. I. WENT. SHOPPING. (Detect the anger, no no, of course there’s not online shopping as an option – it may never get delivered!). We actually went to Villagio which all Kiwi’s will know and hate because of that fire, so I should really not be seen as supporting it, but I digress.

Shopping is a unique experience here. You’ll find all of your favourite(?!?) UK shops in a Venetian style mall which spans such a large area my shopping fatigue quickly sets in. The shops are styled with mannequins of the latest fashion, but the latest fashion is rarely appropriate – think hot pants, singlets/vests, and dresses that are too short, too tight, and missing half the back (yes, that’s just one dress), all paired with ridiculously high heels I’ll never be able to walk in.

After hours of failing at shopping we stumbled across Marks & Spencers and decided to give them a shot, just in case. There it was, glowing, LINEN, COTTON, breathable materials! They weren’t too tight, too short, or too hot. Sure, they’re not cutting edge fashion, but at least I won’t offend anyone by baring my knees.

But back to my style, now it’s loose trousers (or as Hubby terms me, MC Hammer), light cotton t-shirts or linen tops, and below-the-knee linen skirts. We shopped up a storm!


I sat in on my first meeting that was held mostly in Arabic today where I was only able to pick up the odd English word was used instead. But I sat, listened, and watched, observing the reactions of the audience.

And then they laughed. They were all laughing.

What were they laughing about? Do I laugh too? Do I stare blankly into space?

What is the protocol for this?

So tell me – what would you do in a similar situation? To laugh or not to laugh?

Hello there.

I’ve been quiet, I realise this. Sorry for leaving you in the dark lately. As you know, we’ve been travelling around NZ for the last couple of weeks and only arrived back this morning.

It’s now 7pm and we’re still awake. The sneaky mocha may have helped, but we’re both a bit bleary eyed and trying to keep our eyes open until a relatively decent bedtime hour.

I’ve got lots to share, but now is not the time for it. I thought I’d just let y’all know I’m alive and well, home safe, and that, although the trip was very long, it was actually ok. Highlight of the plane right back was the amazing sunrise while we chased the night across the globe! The low was probably spending 5 hours in Perth airport, an airport not really designed for international transfers.

Thank you New Zealand for the amazing weather, good times, and great people. It was great to see everyone in our rushed visit, and I think Hubby really enjoyed the trip. You can catch his summary here.

My shorts and tees have been put away (metaphorically speaking as they are still lying in the suitcase in the middle of the lounge), and I’m back to jeans and a longer sleeve top to wander the streets in muggy 38 degree heat.

Tomorrow I will once again awake at 5.30am to start another week of work. Two weeks went far too quickly!

Choice as, bro.

My birthday lamp from Hubby purchased from the souq:


I love lamp!

Hubby did good!