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To Porsche or not to Porsche, that is the question
Whether it is nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune…

After a couple of months of suffering in direction-less taxis we quickly came to the realisation that we needed a car. The rental market is huge here, and finding one wasn’t a problem. However, the monthly cost was more than what we anticipated as anything larger than a car is roughly double the price.

Hubby was convinced on the need to buy and researched the options. It’s a strange car market in Qatar, with small 4WDs rare to come by, and cars have to be relatively new (circa 5 years) in order to get full insurance. I was setting my sights on a 2 door Pajero, while Hubby aimed at more ambitious (outrageous!) options. His ideal: a Porsche Cayenne.

I’ve dreamt of a Porsche for many years. Let me be honest now (because I think I can be honest with you, Internetland): there is nothing sexier than the 911’s arse (mmmmmmmmm *drool*)


Sexy Piece

And in my older years I dream of rescuing and doing up of these beauties:

1958 Sexy Piece

1958 Sexy Piece

The hulking great V8 Cayenne was never on my radar. I thought these ‘Remuera/Chelsea Tractors’ were a little ridiculous. Un-Porsche like. And, why would you? They don’t have an arse to die for, they are not sleek and sultry.

Porsche Cayenne S

Porsche Cayenne S

I pursued my more realistic dream of a practical small 4WD, while Hubby kept pressing forward with his Cayenne desires.

Due to the rarity of small 4WDs on the market they charge a premium. There’s a large gap between ‘smallish’ to Land Cruiser and GIANT AMERICAN TRUCK. Hubby did not want to consider car options for fear of DEATH AT ROUNDABOUTS.

This really does happen!

This really does happen!

So he looked. I argued. He continued. I denied. He hunted online. I looked too. We trekked Salwa Road in a wind-whipped sandstorm seeking other options.

The question: how can a Porsche be cheaper than a Pajero?!

With more Cayenne’s on the market, with all of the internal options in comparison to basic Japanese models, why wouldn’t you? My answer, obviously, is because it’s RIDICULOUS. That was my only reason. The quality was there. The cost. Meeting our basic needs and requirements. The niggling voice saying “but it’s a Porsche 4WD” needed adjusting. Soon changing to “but it’s a Porsche” to “but it’s a PORSCHE!”. Hubby had won. He had broken me down.

Yesterday we brought our baby home. We have now peaked in terms of cars, and never ever in our lives will we be able to afford another car like this. It’s a 4.8L V8 and purrs, PURRS like a contented lion. It has buttons aplenty, many of which we don’t know what they do, and we have plenty to learn.

It cost 80 Qatari Riyals to fill up. That’s £14 or NZ$27.

We will never be able to afford this again. So we’re doing it. We’re living the dream.

[Next car: 911?!]


Six months have passed since we signed up to living our lives together. It all happened very quickly: a wedding planned from decision to marry to wedding day within 7 weeks. Crazy? Perhaps. Did we pull it off? With some compromises we did it our way and had a brilliant time.


Wedding Day, 2012

Following a wonderful wedding marriage weekend we returned to our separate flats and work on Monday.

I left my job [that I had to quit on my first day to move to Qatar] just before Christmas, and spent my first Christmas with Hubby’s family. And my first with a husband (it still hadn’t clicked that I was in fact married). New Years came and went.

I packed up my life into taking, storing, and ditching/donating piles, and briefly moved in with Hubby and flatmates.

It wasn’t to last long before I disappeared alone to Vegas to surprise a wonderful lay-dee (aka lubbkin) who I hadn’t seen since I left New Zealand’s fair shores. Being the accomplished gambler that I am I doubled my money ($5 into $10), was told I did Vegas wrong, but still came out a winner!

Vegas, Baby

Viva Las Vegas

I returned to the UK, spent a couple of days together with Hubby in the London snow, and then I disappeared again.

Snow Day

London Snow Day

This time I was loaded onto a plane with large suitcases, and with a tearful wave, said goodbye.

I admit, it was a strange introduction to married life, having only spent a few days together before I left. I’m not saying it was easy, nor would I recommend it to anyone else. Some of the most stressful things in life are moving house (and, uh, continents?), relationships, and work – and we were experiencing massive changes in all three at once.

Hubby of course joined me a month later, and we’ve been adjusting to the change from a few nights a week together to EVERY SINGLE DAY. He needs his man time (i.e. Martinis and X-box) and I potter around and do whatever (i.e. nap), leaving him to it.

We’ve travelled to New Zealand, seeing friends and family and have oh-so-much more travel planned in our minds.

Dinners out, new experiences, new friendships. Arguments, discussions, and business cases. Balancing who does what (a much shorter discussion when in a serviced apartment) and who drives when.

And before we knew it, six months of marriage had passed.

It hasn’t always been perfect, but we’re living a pretty privileged life, and so far it’s pretty damn good.

Thank you Hubby, for your tolerance, acceptance, and cooking. For your humour, caring, and cuddles. Here’s to the next six months and beyond!