I once said that I was leaving [on a jet plane] and didn’t know when I’d be back again. But now I know and the answer is Friday! THIS FRIDAY! Yes New Zealand, I will be back for a a couple of weeks. I am blonder, perhaps slightly off-white, and no taller (or shorter, I hope).

Tonight is the night we jet set from Doha to Auckland, to endure a 24+ hour journey via Bangkok. I naively thought that since Emirates fly via Dubai, I’d almost be halfway home. This was a lie but it’ll be worth it.

[Tip: booking from Doha to Auckland on Emirates is actually cheaper than booking Dubai to Auckland, so being sneaky and booking a cheap flight to Dubai doesn’t work! Consider mixing airlines as they have worked out cheaper and quicker for us.]

I haven’t seen the green green grass of home for nearly 2.5 years, meaning I haven’t seen a lot of my family or friends during that time either. I’ve changed a little – I mean, I surprised even myself and got married then moved to the Middle East. No one would have guessed that would happen!

Green grass has turned to brown, clinging onto cracked dirt desperate for a drink. While I am hoping that the weather remains dry and sunny, I’m from the ‘countryside’ where we’re still on rain water from a tank in the garden, and Mum has threatened that we may be bathing in the river if it doesn’t rain any time soon.

My concerns lay with NZ Day 1, where I leave Hubby to fend for himself on my friend’s stag do. Much beer will be consumed, and who knows where they’ll end up, or how he’s going to cope with jet lag!

We’ve got catch ups organised, trips away booked, rugby to watch, and a wedding to attend, not to mention an important birthday (you can provide your present ideas to Hubby here). I’m most excited about seeing Nana and introducing her to Hubby for the first time, turning up to bowling to hang out with my friends, and seeing my friend’s face when his bride walks down the aisle!

Now it’s time to pack, jump on a plane, and arrive in time to crack open a crisp cider on my parent’s deck. (Mum, if you’re reading this, a Monteiths crushed apple cider would be great!)

See you on the other side!

*SQUEEEEEEEE* <—- that’s me, all excited like.