I’m pretending to be a photographer – it started with my 365 project upon moving to the UK, which merged into a 366 project for 2012, and a camera upgrade.

Then I saw a school friend post a link to Indisposable Concept – a film based project run by Stuart Chapman in Brisbane, Australia. It’s a pretty basic concept – take one disposable camera, snap 24 ‘indisposable’ moments on film over a week, submit and share with the world.

You don’t have a chance to see or edit the photos, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, and sometimes you’re surprised by the results.

I decided to take my photos while back at home in New Zealand in April. Check out my gallery here.

Indisposable Concept is hosting an expo at the Bleeding Heart Gallery in Brisbane from the 23rd of May 2013, details below.

Indisposable Concept Expo

For more information check out their website and facebook page. And get involved!